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Fun Fishing in the Florida Keys

   The waters of the Florida Keys and Everglades National Park are home to a diverse selection of fish and because of this, there are many different ways to pursue them.  Some people choose to focus their efforts on just one fish with just one style of fishing, this could be stalking or sight fishing for Bones, Tarpon or Permit on a flat, for others it could be simply drifting a backcountry basin throwing jigs for Sea Trout.

Islamorada Fun Fishing

Bamboo Charters Fun Fishing trips are perfect for a group of buddies, families, the girls and even for a corporate group looking to take a break from meetings while here in the Florida Keys.  If you are looking for some relaxing time on the water in a no pressure and beautiful setting, then you are in the right place.From our location here in Islamorada we are just a short boat ride to the fertile reefs of the Atlantic Ocean, the wrecks and rock ledges of the Gulf of Mexico and the Everglades National Park.  All of these offer a wide variety of fish and fishing styles.  Your captain for the day will discuss the days options and find out what you would like to make of it then its off to see what you can catch. 

Fun Fishing Islamroada

Each boat operated by Bamboo Charters carries a wide selection of fishing tackle, lures and bait that allows for flexibility through out the day so the captain can adjust plans as conditions and the catching changes.  Your captain is well versed in the techniques and different settings that the diverse fishery of our location offers.  If this is your first time fishing or its been a while for you or members of your party, no worries.  Each captain will take the time needed to get you comfortable with your equipment and he will keep you on the catch.  From casting to baiting, to landing and releasing your catch, our captains are there for your every need. To put a little challenge to the trip we even offer a fun way to keep score for an impromptu tournament.  Either way you go, everyone comes out a winner at the end of the trip.  If you choose to keep some of the great tasting fish that you catch on your adventure we will filet and package them for you.  Ask your captain for suggestions on area restaurants as well as making reservations for some "Hook and Cook".  Have the freshest seafood in the world, you just caught it, prepared by the best seafood chefs around.


Just offshore on the Atlantic side of the Florida Keys you will find a long series of reefs; this is the Florida Reef Tract.  It's a series of live bottom areas, patch reefs and vast expanses of high profile corals.  These structures are the foundation for the whole ecosystem, this is where the food chain begins.  Baitfish congregate around these areas and so it goes that the different species of snapper, grouper and mackerel come for a meal. During the Winter season we are always mindful of the fact that a lone sailfish or even a pod of these high jumping, hard charging fish can show up around the boat!  We always will have a 15-20 lb spinning outfit ready to pitch a live bait to on of these beautiful fish.  Kids get a thrill when we troll tube lures for toothy Barracuda around the reef and light house structures, these fish put on a show and have a grin that only a dentist could love.  Consider some fast action reef fishing on your next trip with Bamboo Charters.

Fun Fishing the Backcountry

The backcountry is the body of water that on a chart of the area labeled Florida Bay, this is the back side of the Upper Florida Keys from the top of Key Largo, down to Long Key.  This shallow bay is 95% Everglades National Park and protected from commercial fishing, because of this fact we are graced with a very fertile fishery.  Sea Trout, Grouper, Snook, Ladyfish, Sharks, Permit, Sheepshead, Tarpon, Red fish, Spanish Mackerel, Bluefish, Bonefish, Pompano, Jacks, Tripletail and all types of Snapper can be caught in Florida Bay!  It is not unrealistic to catch most of the fish listed here in a half day charter.
Bamboo Charters dock is a short boat ride to these waters, how about 10 minutes to lines in for some locations!  We use a mix of live baits, Hook Up Lures buck tail jigs, plugs and other artificial baits. Bamboo Charters uses 8-10 pound spin outfits for most of the fishing here spooled with quality line are at the ready always and of course your professional captain is there to assist in any way. Fun fishing in the bay is similar to fishing in any lake or river back home in that you will be casting and retrieving your baits, but with one HUGE difference, you will be catching lots and lots of fish!  The fact that big Tarpon, Shark or Cobia will crash the party on the bay, we always have a heavy spin or conventional outfit at the ready.  From one cast to another you just don't know who you will pick a fight with next out there.

Fun Fishing the Gulf of Mexico


The Gulf of Mexico offers fishermen several different fishing options.  Reef and rock pile fishing, wrecks and vast grass prairies all can be found in the Gulf.  Depths here run from 2 feet to 40 feet and the list of fish you find here varies between the backcountry species as well as the offshore fish. It is not unusual to fish the Gulf for a part of your charter then pick up anchor and head into the adjacent backcountry waters of the Everglades to do some shallow water fishing.  For that matter we will some times run to the offshore waters of the Atlantic as well.  All three areas are just that connected.  The Fall and Winter season is a great time to fish the Gulf. Huge schools of Spanish Mackerel and Bluefish swarm the Gulf and cause BEDLAM out there. It doesn't take much time at all out on the Gulf to get things going, once the chum bag hits the water its game on!  The center console of a Bamboo Charters boat looks like a porcupine as it bristles with rod and reel combos rigged for all types of action! 


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