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Flats Fishing

Florida Keys Flats Fishing

  Bamboo Charters offers flats fishing charters to the nearby ocean and bayside flats as well as the vast waters of the Everglades National Park.  Whether you are an absolute beginner or a seasoned angler, flats fishing is a fun and sometimes challenging way to pursue the multitude of fish that populate the area waters here in the Keys.  The list of fish that you can battle is long.

Flats Fishing Islamorada
The "Big Three", Tarpon, Bonefish and Permit are found less than a 3 minute boat ride from our docks at Angler House Marina here in Islamorada.

Further back into Florida Bay the fishery changes and Snook, Redfish, Sea Trout come into the picture.  There are two overlooked and underrated fish that we find through out the surrounding waters,Barracuda and several species of Shark.  Fishing techniques will vary from fly fishing to spin and artificial to live baiting. Bamboo Charters offers

4 - 6 - 8 hour charters that will place you in the action  and we will provide to you all of the needed gear, baits and instruction to make your charter a memorable one.

Flats Fishing the Everglades

The border of the Everglades National Park is only 5 minutes away from our dock and the prolific waters of the Flamingo area of the Park are a popular destination for flats action.  Here you have a wide variety of fish on the prowl.  Redfish, Sea Trout and Snook are the most popular fish to look for here but we will likely encounter several species of sharks, as well as Pompano, Jack Crevalle, Black Drum, Cobia to name a few.  Flats fishing here can be similar to Bass fishing on a lake, in that you will be chucking and winding a variety of plugs and plastic baits to mangrove islands and shorelines or you might be sight fishing for mudding or tailing fish in the shallows.  Bamboo Charters will supply you with everything from bucktails and jerk baits to live baits that are sure to keep you hooked up!

Flats Fishing Islamorada

Shark Fishing the Flats 

Sharks will be found in all depths of water, but the excitement of seeing a large shark actively feeding in shallow water is without compare!  Bull, Blacktip, Lemon, Spinner, Tiger and Hammerhead sharks can be found in knee deep water and these sharks will reach well over 200 pounds!  You can sight fish these predators or you can drift baits out onto the flat and wait them out, either way you are no longer the apex predator here, you are just another rung on their ladder!  Its dining time and these monsters are hungry.  We use top of the line spin and conventional gear and pre-rigged shark leaders and lures as well.  Tackle classes will vary from 10 lb test for small juvenile sharks up to 50 lb test conventional gear.  We match the tackle to the shark to assure that you get a fight and the sharks are all released healthy.  Those that want the challenge of shark fishing on fly, we offer top on the line fly gear rigged to fight


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